COLOGNE, GERMANY – March 24, 2020 – Enviro Ambient’s Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Paul Scott, delivered a virtual presentation today at the 8th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers.  Mr. Scott’s presentation was titled “Low-cost, Low-Footprint CO2 and Blue Hydrogen for CO2-Derived Products Production”.

Mr. Scott opened his presentation by pointing out that the potential uses of CO2 as a potential feedstock in the production of various products is well defined. However, the two primary obstacles are not necessarily the chemistry but the cost of CO2 capture with a low parasitic load, and the cost of important low-footprint feedstocks.

Mr. Scott then went on to state that Enviro Ambient is addressing the cost of CO2 capture AND the cost of utilization, with the goal being to make CO2 capture and utilization economic, with the three requirements for this to happen being:

  • Large, established markets (can consume high volumes of the product) – fuel and chemicals is one of the largest;
  • Low cost CO2 capture; and
  • Large quantities of low carbon footprint H2 to catalyze the CO2 recycle market

During this presentation, one compelling CO2 utilization technology process was introduced; a new blue hydrogen generation technology that involves the microwave enhanced conversion of methane, and which capitalizes on the non-thermal and unconventional heating characteristics of microwaves.  With this process, the decomposition of methane can be accomplished with substantially less energy than other methods of producing hydrogen and this process does not have the carbon footprint of traditional methodologies i.e. steam-methane reforming.  The resulting comparative costs for the production of blue hydrogen is staggeringly tilted in Enviro Ambient’s favor.  Additionally, the comparative carbon footprint, including parasitic losses, are also very favorable for Enviro Ambient, due to the high reactivity and lower temperatures required to sustain the conversions.

About Enviro Ambient Corporation

Enviro Ambient is an international thought and technology leader in the burgeoning area of CO2capture and utilization.  With over 20 years of development, Enviro Ambient’s commitment to the CO2 capture and utilization industry is unquestioned.  CO2 utilization technologies use captured CO2as a feedstock to produce existing products. This is a promising area as it offers a path to monetize the captured CO2 to subsidize its capture costs and to create low-GHG footprint, low-cost products to displace existing high GHG footprint products. For any CO2 utilization process to work large amounts of low-cost CO2 is required. Enviro Ambient’s capture cost of less than 50% of this target will make many marginal utilization solutions cost-effective.