COLOGNE, GERMANY – March 21, 2019 – Enviro Ambient’s Vice President of CO2 Utilization, Dr. Paul King, presented today at the 7th Conference on Carbon Dioxide as Feedstock for Fuels, Chemistry and Polymers in Cologne, Germany

Dr. King opened his presentation by pointing out that Carbon dioxide, as a feedstock, is a potentially valuable commodity for future chemicals manufacturing. With over 40 billion tons of CO2 emitted annually, effective offsets to CO2 emissions will require a host of technological solutions applied in parallel. As efforts continue in the development of capture and utilization of CO2 from anthropomorphic sources, it is clear that no one solution provides the ‘silver bullet’ in mitigating rising atmospheric CO2.

Dr. King then went on to state that it is well publicized that the key to cost effective carbon mitigation is the need for a cost-effective carbon capture technology. Yet only a few efforts continue that provide a scalable, economic solution to carbon capture and therefore, very few solutions exist that can service a wide variety of carbon conversion \ utilization solutions.

“With the advent of Enviro Ambient’s scalable, cost effective carbon capture technology, this paradigm has changed”, Dr. King pointed out.  “With a very small parasitic load, the Enviro Ambient solution provides a cost-effective, modular means of capturing CO2 from industrial emitters. It can be deployed to match the conversion/utilization technology chosen to monetize the business model.”

Dr. King’s presentation also discussed the development of “load matching” of CO2 between Enviro Ambient’s carbon capture technology and various conversion solutions to monetize their utilization. He also discussed the balance of market size for various utilization products against capital expenditure and operating expenditure, to show potential returns on investment generated with the benefit of Enviro Ambient’s low capture costs. Up to three examples of conversion derived chemicals were presented showing CO2 utilization levels if 100 percent of the market is converted, together with costs and returns on investment.

About Enviro Ambient Corporation
Enviro Ambient is an international thought and technology leader in the burgeoning area of CO2 capture and utilization.  With over 20 years of development, Enviro Ambient’s commitment to the CO2 capture and utilization industry is unquestioned.  CO2 utilization technologies use captured CO2 as a feedstock to produce existing products. This is a promising area as it offers a path to monetize the captured CO2 to subsidize its capture costs and to create low-GHG footprint, low-cost products to displace existing high GHG footprint products. For any CO2 utilization process to work large amounts of low-cost CO2 is required. Enviro Ambient’s capture cost of less than 50% of this target will make many marginal utilization solutions cost-effective.


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