JACKSON, WY / BOSTON, MA / ONTARIO – October 5, 2017 – Enviro Ambient’s Chairman and CEO, Tom Thompson, presented today at the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority’s (“WIA”) Innovation and Financing conference in Jackson, Wyoming.

Thompson participated on two panels; the first on the topic of emerging technologies in the area of carbon capture, and the second to discuss all of the issues and opportunities surrounding carbon product innovation.

On the topic of carbon product innovation, Thompson’s presentation to conference attendees addressed a number of key areas, including:

• The anatomy of an ideal conversion solution

• EAC / EIC’s organizational approach to this exciting area of discussion, including how to marry these technologies with EAC / EIC’s economic CO2 capture system and drive stockholder value

• The criteria that EAC / EIC embraces when considering CO2 conversion solutions

• Key areas of focus for all CO2 conversion technology businesses

As part of this presentation, Thompson highlighted three partner case studies:

• The first, a technology that takes EAC / EIC’s captured CO2 and converts it into a 200 proof, undenatured alcohol with applicability to all food and industrial uses;

• The second, a technology that converts hydrogen and EAC / EIC’s economically captured CO2, or natural gas and EAC / EIC’s economically captured CO2, into carbon black / nanoscale carbons; and

• The third, a technology that has the potential to securely utilize EAC / EIC’s captured CO2 in large quantities as an Earth Battery™, while at the same time supplementing existing renewable resources to provide secure baseload energy.

“In our view, all of these technologies represent disruptive drop-in solutions, with global applicability, that are scalable, demonstrate wonderful stockholder return and have a GHG footprint lower than existing / legacy products”, stated Thompson.

“Enviro Innovate, Enviro Ambient and their international clean-tech coalition bring a unique, international perspective to this conversation”, added Thompson. “Our unwavering focus and commitment to advance and accelerate carbon product innovation is another example of our organizations leadership in this area. We lead a blue chip group of organizations and individuals dedicated to inspiring transformation, enabling new markets, and advancing solutions to some of our world’s grandest challenges.”

About Enviro Ambient

Enviro Ambient develops and commercializes clean energy solutions for manufacturers and power generators that use fossil fuels to generate energy to produce electricity, cement, aluminum, steel, oil and other industrial goods. As our suite of clean technologies increases, there will be expanded focus on solutions targeted toward recycling, renewable energy, green transportation, advanced materials, green chemistry, and water solutions. This also includes energy efficiency and production technologies that result in lower GHG emissions. Enviro Ambient and its collaboration team, are marvelous partners of government, utilities, and energy consumers, and our advancements are vitally important in defense of this continent’s energy supply, energy security, energy sustainability and grid integrity. Please visit www.enviroambient.com.

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