September 28, 2017

BOSTON, MA / ONTARIO – September 28, 2017 – Enviro Ambient’s Chairman and CEO, Tom Thompson, presented today at PetroChem 2017.

Thompson participated on a panel discussion focused on “The Impact of Environmental Regulation”. The international community has highlighted climate change as an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to humans and the environment. Ontario passed its new Carbon Cap and Trade policy in correlation with the Canadian Federal government moving on the climate change policy and other provinces are working on renewing their individual carbon pricing structure. With all these policies taking effect, the international community will need to work together to reduce greenhouse emissions. Thompson was one of the industry innovation experts and regulatory consultants that discussed the details of these policies and the potential impacts to the petrochemical industry. Key questions included:

• Will climate change regulation hurt Canada’s goal to become more competitive on the global market?

• How can companies adapt to new environmental regulations while maintaining growth to their bottom line?

The major takeaways from Thompson’s presentation include:

• On the topic of climate change, government must embrace a strategy not based on ideology, but on what works.

• Business must lead the discussion and project execution.

• Incremental government funding of CO2 capture and conversion projects has not been, and will not be effective. These are large projects requiring significant government support.

• CO2 must no longer be considered to be a pollutant, but be considered as a feedstock.

• Taking our “economically” captured CO2 feedstock, we can then convert that CO2 to products of a high net value, i.e. food grade alcohol or carbon based products.

• Government must stop taxing and penalizing industry and utilities and instead incentivize investment in CO2 capture and conversion projects.

• Carbon markets will not magically appear or mature. Government, industry and utilities must work with Enviro Ambient / Enviro Innovate to develop global methodologies that advance CDM

approval of these methodologies and individual projects within these high level methodology frameworks.

Again, an approach not based on ideology, but based on what works.

Enviro Innovate, Enviro Ambient and their international clean-tech coalition bring a unique, international perspective to this conversation. Once again further evidence that the international community recognizes that this is a blue chip group of organizations and individuals dedicated to inspiring transformation, enabling new markets, and advancing solutions to some of our world’s grandest challenges.

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